Web Development – ASP.NET

To leverage the power of the World Wide Web, Microsoft .NET provides you to create web applications with ASP.NET. ASP.NET is not only the next version of ASP. To build enterprise-class Web applications, ASP.NET provides the services necessary for developers.

ASP.NET is a platform, which includes design-time objects and controls and a run-time execution context for developing and running applications on a Web server.

ASP.NET is an important part of the .NET Framework. The entire .NET Framework is available to any ASP.NET application. Developers can easily access the benefits of these technologies, which include the managed common language runtime environment, type safety, inheritance, and so on.

Elements Of ASP.NET web application

  • Project management features
  • User interface
  • Use of reusable components
  • Data services
  • Security, performance and other infrastructure features

ASP.NET helps you accomplish

  • Implementing a rich Web user interface
  • Separation of client and server
  • Stateless execution
  • Unknown client capabilities
  • Complications with data access
  • Complications with scalability
  • Intuitive, consistent object model
  • Event-driven programming model
  • Intuitive state management
  • Browser-independent applications
  • NET Framework common language runtime support
  • NET Framework scalable server performance
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