ASP Web Development

With the advancement in technology, Web has become a constitutive part of our daily humdrum. Static websites have culminated to dynamic, rich, data-driven, complicated but still interactive ones. Dynamic scripting technologies, like Active Server Pages, have helped along the way, in making the web, a good conduit of applications.

Microsoft’s first server-side script engine for web pages, generated dynamically was called Active Server Pages (ASP) or ASP Classic. Previously it was released as an add-on to IIS through the Windows NT 4.0, but later it was included as a free component of Windows Server. It’s simple yet powerful web page platform & is now succeeded by ASP.NET.

It uses server-side scripting to develop dynamic webpages that don’t depend on the type of browser used by visitors. These pages have the extension .asp.

ASP is different from aspx pages. IIS passes the request in ASP file to the ASP engine, which reads each line in the Asp file & executed the scripts in the file, and then the Asp file is sent to the browser as simple aspx. With ASP programming you can develop avant-garde web sites employing databases. You can do all types of searching, be it for products or for information.

Some key points of ASP:–

  • ASP Code can be viewed in any browser
  • It is simple to learn, execute and is available on any Microsoft-hosted server
  • ASP has a built in content rotator to keep web page views fresh by displaying different content each time a visitor requests an ASP page.It provides high security.
  • It reduces the network traffic.
  • It performs several backend jobs for a website.
  • It provides good loading speed & creates less complex applications.
  • It provides easy & cheap distribution of applications.
  • It provides a built in ad rotator to display several ads each time an ASP page is loaded so web page developer can easily incorporate ads without programming.

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