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Browser Extensions are software programs that stretch out the resourcefulness of your browser. It empowers you to perform functions like downloading, displaying or listening audio, video or animations. It supplements desirable features to the User Interface of the browser & includes the add-on functionality that can be installed as per the need. It interacts with the web browsers to render some required services or functions.

A software extension is a program that cannot be used singularly, but is integrated into another software to elaborate the utilitarian purpose of the latter software. There are several browser applications like Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Eclipse, IE etc that support extensions. Some well-known Operating systems like Linux kernel modules also support extensions. Other terms to represent extensions are add-ons, add-ins or plugins.

Browser Extensions offer the developers to use their browser enhancements by appending various elements to the User Interface without any difficulty. It allows developers to modify toolbars. It extends the caliber of different web browsers for the better integration with library content. Browser Extension Types, depend upon the browser & it’s features. Since the Internet Explorer construction is grounded upon COM, it’s effectiveness can be augmented by several means. Some of the IE browser extensions are:

Browser Extension :It includes

  • Shortcut menu Extension: It allows you to add choices to the shortcut menu linking the command with intended tasks.
  • Toolbars Extension: It can supplement the approved toolbars of the browsers.
  • Browser Helper Objects: It runs within browser to offer extra services, without user interface.
  • Explorer Bars: It can reserve some part of the browser window.

Content Extensions: Itexpands the class of content that can be analyzed and    presented, depending on the content being loaded into the browser. It includes:

  • Active documents
  • ActiveX Controls
  • Binary behaviors

Hosting and Reuse: Due to COM based architecture IE components can be rephrased. It also allows to construct your own browser or append rich Internet abilities.

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We have a huge experience in undertaking various projects & have successfully delivered cutting-edge Browser Extension Development solutions.  We are an expertise in Browser Helper Objects development, Custom IE & Firefox toolbar development, Internet Explorer Extensions & Firefox Plug-in development.

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