CakePHP Web Development

Development framework becomes a necessity when the developers wish to repeat the general nuts and bolts of website design. It punches a clock on saving your time & money & thereby making your site one-of-a-kind, so selecting an ideal development framework becomes very hard-boiled task.

Due to the evolution of PHP as an OOP (Object Oriented Programming) language with improved functionalities similar to breathing languages like C, C++ & Java, PHP programmers are prompted towards the development of frameworks, & the structuring of PHP language. With their own pros & cons there are many frameworks available.

CakePHP is one of the most run-after frameworks for PHP development. It provides a flexible structure for application development, maintenance and deployment & reduces the cost & coding of development.

It follows the convention over configuration beau ideal. Root and branch upon MVC architecture it is strong & can be easily understood. It makes use of crowd pleasing design patterns and renders a suitable framework so that PHP users at all levels can speedily generate robust web solutions with total flexibility.

It is free open-source development framework for PHP. The foot language in CakePHP is PHP, and it’s compatible with PHP4, PHP5 and MVC architecture.

CakePHP web application & CakePHP web services are secure and have scalability. It was developed on the concept of ROR (Ruby on Rails) with the convention of assisting the PHP developers not to fabricate the wheel for each & every project. It keeps your application true to type & analytical by providing a basic organizational skeleton.

Few feasible aspects of Cake PHP are:

  • It reduces the cost of web site development.
  • It lessens the lines of code in your project.
  • It renders a structural base for the development of websites.
  • It’s based on MVC pattern.
  • It shows legitimacy with PHP4 & PHP5.
  • It provides caching, testing, pagination, localization & integration of data.

Hidden Brains India provides a structured figure so that our Cake PHP Web Application Coders get full flexibility in developing extensible Cake PHP web applications. Our Cake PHP Designers develop faster & cost effective Cake PHP web solutions, making use of Cake PHP Framework & their astounding Cake PHP programming skills to deliver outstanding Cake PHP based Web Programs.

We provide secure, flexible & maintainable Cake PHP Application Development to suit your business requirements & your low budget. Our experienced Cake PHP experts have an innate capacity to deliver first rate Cake PHP projects. Our Cake PHP Professionals are conversant with latest technologies.

Our Cake PHP web developers are skillful in dealing with security & session handling. They are also cognizant with various validation rules, data sanitization & debugging of applications in CakePHP Technology.

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