Clipper Software Development

Hidden Brains India is professional software development company deals with a wide range of legacy and latest programming languages for robust software development. To develop high quality software programs our software programmers / developers utilizes powerful programming languages like Clipper.

Originally it is a powerful and general-purpose computer programming language, which usually used by professionals to create high quality software programs. Clipper was created in 1985 for a popular database language called “dBASE III” as a compiler, later on gone through various amendments by different IT intellectuals and presently it is known as powerful and general purpose programming language.


Our in-depth knowledge about Clipper programming language

Clipper is convenient to use with various operating systems presently such as (DOS, Windows, Linux (32- and 64-bit), UNIX (32- and 64-bit), and Mac OS X).

There are many supporting language extensions, extended libraries and Replaceable Database Drivers (RDD).

It supports various popular database formats such as SQL, MachSix (SIx Driver and Apollo), DBTNTX, DBF, DBFCDX (FoxPro, SuccessWare and Comix), etc.

Hidden Brains India possesses experienced pool of programmers that are capable of handling core and latest programming languages easily to develop a wide range of software programs for offshore clients.

Programming in clipper requires great expertise as we did extensive range of software development jobs for our offshore clients. Working globally leverages our programmers / developers, designers and qualified personal, which ultimately results in long business relations with clients with 100 % satisfaction.

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