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Integrated Web Design demands the blending of technical facets with prevailing design practices by experienced Web Designers to beef up their grasp on Integrated Web designing techniques & to develop outstanding Websites applying the integrated web design practices.

Integration is a big-league for both Web Designers & Web developers. Web designing tasks are apportioned into logic & creativity necessitating a designer to be logical as well as creative in sync & it’s from where the concept of Web Design Integration arises.

CSS enables you to transmogrify the various features of a Web Designing Document with no give-and-take for Web Document Structure. It’s an easy sheet technique permitting the authors & readers to adjoin style to the HTML Documents. It makes use of general desktop publishing terminology so that professional & novice designers can use it’s facets easily.

Authors & readers can append new HTML tags & can control the presentation of documents on Web by hooking on the style sheets to structured documents. Compared to CSS, XSL cannot be used along with HTML, but both of them can be used with XML.

XSL is a transformation language used to transform documents; it can be used convert XML data into either HTML or CSS Web Documents on Web Server. CSS & XSL both can be utilized to adorn the XML documents. CSS formatting features are same as that of XSL.

Some Advantages of CSS

  • It’s an easy technique to add style to your web documents.
  • It’s an new fashioned approach to present a website.
  • It reduces the cost of developing and up keeping a website
  • It considerably reduces the physical bandwidth and hard disk space.
  • It ensures a faster download for your visitors.
  • CSS Pages move the navigation of source code towards the bottom & enables the Search engine to display your content instead of navigation.
  • It separates style & layout from the content and simplifies it for visitors wishing to view or modify the contents of a web page.
  • It makes it possible to keep consistency in the layout & position of navigation over a website.
  • It allows you to control the look & feel of your website by developing a separate style sheet & binding it to all your web documents. You can easily modify the features by making the changes in only Style Sheet.
  • It shows a good rapport with present-day Web Browsers.

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