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Success of any eCommerce website depends on various factors, shopping cart features are one of the potential factors that attracts online customers to utilize the website for buying products. Integrating feature rich shopping cart by the professional eCommerce developers / programmers and eCommerce designers is necessary to satisfy online customers of your e-business on the web.

Providing you latest eCommerce features that will keep your existing customers for a long time to your website and help you build strong business relations. Hidden Brains India is professional eCommerce development service provider to offshore clients at affordable prices.

In the various elements of eCommerce website shopping cart features must be user-friendly and helpful to customers in purchasing products easily and easy possession within the time. From the selection to the physical possession of the products, features should be supporting to customer all the way.

We provide comprehensive eCommerce shopping cart solution that includes a wide range of eCommerce shopping cart features to facilitate customers to business website. Our experienced eCommerce professionals always keep their technical & non technical knowledge updated for new innovations in eCommerce development.

Hidden Brains India offers Ecommerce Shopping Cart Features that not only help your customers in selection of products, but also supporting in convenient checking out after paying and ensures high level security.

Most essential eCommerce shopping cart features that we offer are

  • Custom drop down lists feature
  • Custom fill-in text boxes feature
  • Multiple payment methods feature
  • Thumbnails & images with each item
  • Never ending categories & sub-categories
  • SEO (search engine optimization) feature
  • Storing feature of shopper data for online re-orders
  • Feature of Support for product options such as size or color
  • Automatic shipping calculations such as UPS, FedEx, DHL, and USPS

There are multiple complex calculations that produce unnecessary pesters for buyers to eCommerce websites such as at the time of check out. Sellers use to offers various discounts that needs correct calculations as well as complex calculations of shipping and tax. Hidden Brains India offer such a convenient eCommerce shopping cart system that provides not only provides automatic calculation features, but eCommerce shopping cart security features as well.

  • Features of product sorting
  • Feature of sale tax & discounts
  • Feature of many possible shipping methods
  • Features of reporting & statistics (for sellers)
  • Feature of various online credit card processors
  • Integrated Validation of credit card number format
  • Feature of high level security with built in IP blocking
  • Different features for Customers, Vendors, and Affiliates (for sellers)
  • Integrated feature of PGP Encryption for secure administrative e-mails (for sellers)
  • Integrated MD5 encryption keys to prevent unauthorized editing in product information (for sellers)
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