Ecommerce Website Features

Ecommerce website is a main starting place that provides the base for online buying and selling. The most vital factor of any business website is potential features for buyer as well as seller. Useful features of eCommerce website help the buyers to buy their respective products & services conveniently. Online businessmen always wish customized features in their eCommerce website to complete control & management and convenience to customers in buying.

The eCommerce website is consisted in such a systematic way that each section offers certain features, which ultimately plays important role in the whole process of electronic commerce. All sections are interrelated and execute the process of buying & selling with certain functional dependency on each other. Hidden Brains India provides professional and customized eCommerce website development. Our eCommerce website developers & designers utilize appropriate technologies and provide affordable and customized feature rich eCommerce websites to offshore clients.

We have clearly defined each section of successful eCommerce website that we offer in our professional eCommerce website development. Following are all potential features that we can provide to make the electronic commerce a breeze for sellers and buyers.

Key features that we offer in custom E-Commerce Website development

  • Quick Checkout
  • Customer Sign-in
  • Built in Search Engine
  • Fully customizable design
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Automated confirmation emails
  • Search for Products by keyword
  • Order status known to customer
  • Advanced search with different fields
  • All popular web browsers compatible
  • Automated “Lost Password” Recovery
  • Temporary / Session / Permanent Shopping Cart
  • Live shipping rates with different shipping methods
  • Easy administration of the site from the control panel
  • Online credit card payment processing with vivid payment gateways

Easy Navigation for Customers:

Browse by price

Browse By Category

Browse alphabetically

Browse by product features

  • Hot Products
  • Best / Top Sellers
  • Featured Products
  • New Arrivals

User friendly Menus

  • Bulleted lists
  • Rollover menu colors
  • JavaScript popup menus
  • Dropdown menus completely customizable

Sort Search Results

Related Products list with a product

Unique progress bar to know status in checkout process

Shopping Cart features for customers:

  • Multiple billing addresses
  • Multiple shipping addresses
  • Multi session shopping cart
  • Temporary / Permanent Shopping Cart
  • Quantity updates option while viewing shopping cart
  • Show items & total value of shopping cart on the top bar
  • Multi part shipping – Schedule shipping date for each item in the shopping cart

Product Navigation for customers:

  • Hot products
  • Image upload
  • Featured Products
  • New release products
  • Most selling / Top sellers
  • Product attribute wise price
  • Category wise product listing
  • Multiple images for a product
  • Special images of products for some occasion
  • Short description for display in product listing
  • Product placement for specified period of time
  • Segregated Long description in different sections
  • Unlimited N Level of categories & Sub categories
  • Product attributes with unlimited options associated with it
  • Inactive products to hide from customers but to keep in database

Discounts / Offers for customers from sellers:

  • Offer on order amount
  • Offer on bulk purchase
  • Offer on particular category
  • Offer on particular product
  • Discount on placing no of orders
  • Offer of cut off in shipping charge
  • Discount in Percentage on amount of order
  • Give some quantity as discount on purchasing some specified quantity
  • Percentage discount on products of a category if total purchase exceeds some specified amount

Customer Services from seller:

  • Email product to friend
  • Newsletter subscription
  • Post customer review for product
  • Lost password recovery in safe way
  • Participate in poll & view poll results
  • Order receipt & auto mail on shipping
  • Bookmark the page for future reference
  • Admin can access data of customers from database
  • Get discount, offers offered only to registered customers
  • Registered members can view real time status of the order
  • Customer orders can be accessed separately or from order view
  • Automated email forwarding at each stage to customer as well as admin
  • If option is marked user don’t need to enter his login information every time

Customer Account features:

  • Wish List
  • Address book
  • Delete account
  • Change password
  • View search history
  • View & change profile
  • Send request for catalog
  • Saved orders for future use
  • View gift certificate balance
  • Create personal & business profile
  • Send queries & read replies from system
  • View order history & real time status of the order

Order Management for seller:

  • Edit orders
  • Auto generated order no
  • Scheduled order generation
  • Orders list of each customer
  • Order detail view from admin area
  • Search order by customer, date, number, status
  • Change in Order status from admin area for all phases of order

Reports or system Analysis for seller:

  • Traffic reports
  • Sales by affiliate
  • Sales by customer
  • Least selling products
  • Product sales by category
  • Search engine ranking report
  • Sales during specified period
  • Orders shipped during time period

Payment Processing features for customers:

  • Tax calculation
  • Currency conversion
  • Secure online payment
  • Credit card verification
  • Address verification system
  • Accept all cards supported by payment gateway
  • Integration with payment gateway as per the requirement of the customer

Shipping & Tax features for customers:

  • Free shipping
  • International Shipping
  • Shipping on different dates
  • Restrict Shipping by location
  • Sales Tax or VAT calculation
  • Shipping Confirmation by mail
  • Shipping from multiple locations
  • Dynamic Shipping rates based on shipping method
  • Shipping cost calculation based on shipping destination & weight

Administrator functions for eCommerce website owner to manage & control:

  • Bulk mail
  • User groups
  • Activity Logs
  • Multi currency
  • Multi language
  • Email templates
  • Generate reports
  • Customer Groups
  • View Site Statistics
  • Order Management
  • Live currency update
  • Vendor Management
  • Multiple admin users
  • Banner Management
  • Affiliate Management
  • Discount Management
  • Customer Management
  • Newsletter Management
  • Permission Management
  • Manufacturer Management
  • Upload manufacturer logo
  • Gift Certificate Management
  • Country & State Management
  • Multi level Category Management
  • Dynamic General Settings of the site
  • Product/Product Attribute Management
  • Content Management System with in build editor
  • Users are given different permissions based on their role

Inventory Management for seller:

  • Recurring orders
  • Scheduled orders
  • Resell management
  • Min quantity alarm
  • Inventory report generation
  • Goods Return management
  • Real time live inventory status
  • Export or Import bulk products
  • Purchase & Sales Management
  • Max quantity & reorder quantity notification
  • Calculation of sale price based on profit margin & purchase price

Email Functions for seller:

  • Bulk & Individual email
  • Email templates with system variables
  • Forward email for different departments
  • Automated email forward on occasions like sign up confirmation, lost password, new order confirmation, at the time of shipping, scheduled newsletter, Refer to friend.

Customized Designs for eCommerce website owner:

Hidden Brains India offers unlimited eCommerce website designs before finalizing layout. We provide built in HTML editor to write HTML code for novice eCommerce developers, they can write  HTML & preview it as well as able to do customized changes like  change in color, text, style, placement etc.

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