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BlackBerry is a handheld wireless device that was developed by Research In Motion (RIM). It provides instant & secure access of mobile for e-mail. Two main software platforms: Java Micro Edition (J2ME) and MDS can be used for BlackBerry Applications Development.

It has features like platform independence & automatic garbage collection, so that developers need not to worry for Memory management. BlackBerry-specific APIs enable developers to create sophisticated applications. Wireless carriers like Nextel, Telus, T-Mobile offer BlackBerry devices.

To develop java applications running on BlackBerry devices you require BlackBerry Java Development Environment (JDE), which comes with set of tools & APIs. This Java Development Environment requires the java 2 SDK to run. Three push services like browser channel push, browser message push, and the browser cache push are supported for BlackBerry browser content.

BlackBerry supports two application models: Browser-based-model, to develop back-end content in a standard markup language, like WML or compact HTML and the Custom Java Applications model, to develop customized user interfaces, navigation & to support content apart from texts & images.

Features of BlackBerry programming:

  • BlackBerry can be tightly integrated with an enterprise-level messaging system using RIM’s BlackBerry Enterprise Server.
  • The BlackBerry’s virtual machine has its own byte codes, developed specifically for the BlackBerry architecture.
  • BlackBerry’s application deployment is handled consistently across all devices and carriers.
  • Several BlackBerry devices come with a complete set of APIs and tools that enable you to build custom Java-based applications.

Hiring BlackBerry Programmer(s)/Developer(s)

Hidden Brains India delivers the best, economic services and applications. Our hired BlackBerry Programmers deliver custom BlackBerry software solutions with efficiency & effectiveness for the complete satisfaction of our clients.

Our hired dedicated Blackberry professionals with their experience create apposite mobile applications by using the Blackberry technology. With our agile team of BlackBerry application developers we happily serve our clients, &   participate in their success.

Services for You

  • You can hire BlackBerry developers to work for 8 Hours a day, 5 Days a week – Monday to Friday. Saturdays, Sundays and Indian National/Regional Holidays shall be considered as paid holidays.
  • You can hire dedicated BlackBerry Programmers from us at Zero setup or maintenance costs / taxes along with good software and Hardware facilities.
  • You can easily stay connected with the hired BlackBerry Developers/designers via email and instant messengers.
  • We offer our clients, the facility of owning all the rights of source code as well as they can resell the codes without any accountability from our side.

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