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Xcode is Apple’s first development environment for developing software on Mac OS X. Though easy to use, it’s powerful enough to build the largest Mac OS X applications. Its latest version is Xcode 3.0 which comes free with Mac OS X v10.5.The main use of the suite is the integrated development environment (IDE), known as Xcode. It also includes: Apple’s Developer documentation & Interface Builder.

Dedicated Network Build, a second system added to recent versions of Xcode is prominent among larger configurations. Xcode can generate universal binaries so that software can run on both PowerPC and Intel-based (x86) platforms also 32- and 64-bit applications can be build for both architectures all this became possible due to the modifications done in GCC by Apple.

Advantages of  Xcode

  • Its distributed build system allows you to distribute compiled jobs among machines of local network.
  • It includes Apple’s WebObjects tools and frameworks to develop web applications & services.
  • It provides quicker results by open source tool distcc.
  • It allows you to perform the modification on source files so as to reflect immediate changes without relaunching.
  • It’s possible to compile & debug applications that run on iPhone SDK for ARM processor using Xcode.

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Our Services

  • You can hire iPhone Xcode Developers to work for 8 Hours a day, 5 Days a week- Monday to Friday. Saturdays, Sundays and Indian National/Regional Holidays shall be considered as paid holidays.
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  • We offer our clients, the facility of owning all the rights of source code as well as they can resell the codes without any accountability from our side.Click Here to Request Free Quote & Get Instant Proposal »
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