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XUL also pronounced as “ZOOL” among programmers stands for the XML User Interface Language. This technology was invented by Netscape & Mozilla.org & was implemented from within the Mozilla Browser. It’s an XML-based technology that expresses the GUI part of a software application such as web browsers, email clients, calendars, calculators, spreadsheet editors, HTML editors, debuggers, whole desktop environments etc.

Since XUL is a cross platform language it’s possible for you to build your XUL application on Linux, and then run it on Windows. It provides you with rich set of UIs, very common for any web developer & this simplifies the task of developing desktop applications using Web Development.

It requires knowledge of XML namespaces & is built upon HTML, JavaScript and CSS. Capabilities of XUL applications can be enhanced using XPCOM, which is similar to distributed computing technologies such as CORBA/IDL and COM.

The executable engine and libraries which are available with every Mozilla based product provides a fully-featured implementation of XUL. It is provided completely by using Gecko layout engine.

Hidden Brains India possesses adroit & innovative experts for XUL Development. Hire XUL Developers with powerful skills & knowledge of XUL Programming for the development of XUL applications.

Our XUL Programmers /designers /developers can are handy in making customized applications.

Advantages of XUL:

  • It’s cross platform language having an ability to define cross-define interfaces also.
  • It can be used to build small quickly-downloadable applications, improving the power of the browser environment;
  • It adds UI elements to Web Browsers which is not the case with HTML.
  • XUL communizes the application interface design, so that a designer with good perception of HTML & JavaScript can work with ease.
  • XUL provides a more expressive & efficient interface than is possible with a combination of HTML & JavaScript alone.
  • XUL portrays the contents of entire window instead of a single document, compared to HTML.
  • XUL is used to develop Mozilla Firefox extension development & apps.

Services for You

  • You can hire XUL designers to work for 8 Hours a day, 5 Days a week – Monday to Friday. Saturdays, Sundays and Indian National/Regional Holidays shall be considered as paid holidays.
  • You can hire dedicated XUL Programmers from us at Zero setup or maintenance costs or taxes along with good software and Hardware facilities.
  • You can easily stay connected with the hired XUL developers/designers via email and instant messengers.
  • We offer our clients, the facility of owning all the rights of source code as well as they can resell the codes without any accountability from our side.

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