Image Processing Services

Images are vital in the various areas, which are directly related to beautiful presentation and where utilization of suitable images is required at higher priority like websites and eCommerce websites. Images in the presentations increase the visualization effect and make it more beautiful and communicative. For making the presentation more communicative and attractive images are required to be processed.

Hidden Brains India offer Image Processing Services that are well-known as Photo restoration, Image retouching, Image Editing Services, Digital Photo Retouching, Raw Image Editing Service and digital image processing. We have talented and experienced pool of professionals (such as graphic designers, photo editors) in Image Processing to offer high quality services. They are capable of designing & developing images, improving the quality, enhancing images for a wide range of offshore clients.

At Hidden Brains India our graphic designers and image processing professionals use various techniques in providing Image Processing Services. For providing robust imagery services our graphic designers use their creativity and innovative ideas as well as to meet the necessary requirements of development and integration of image processing. The various professional techniques in Image Processing are as follows:

  • Filtering
  • Mosaicking
  • Prioritization
  • Change detection
  • Image assessment
  • 2D and 3D visualization
  • Automated feature extraction
  • Automated quality assessment

Hidden Brains India provides various Image Processing Services to offshore clients. Our world-wide clients are Art Galleries, Photo studios, Photographers, Design studios, Fashion studios, Fashion institutes, Real estate website owners and many more. The core services that we offer are part of our comprehensive Image processing solution.

  • Image editing includes increasing the quality of image
  • Image registration includes aligning of two or more images
  • Scaling and Cropping includes scaling down and cropping to fit in the website layout
  • Geometric transformations includes enlargement reduction and rotation of the images
  • Digital compositing / Blending and Texturing includes combining of two or more images
  • Interpolation & Demosaicing includes recovering the complete image from the raw image format
  • Color correction includes increase & decrease in brightness, contrast as well as conversion to different color space
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