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JavaScript is a scripting language that was designed to add interactivity to HTML pages. This light weight language is usually embedded directly into the web pages. It is an interpreted language & can be used by anyone without buying license. JavaScript like its contemporary programming languages is characterized by Object Model, i.e. you need to think in terms of objects, while working with JavaScript.

This programmable API provides cross-platform scripting of events, objects & actions. It is an easy language to get acquainted with, especially for HTML users. JavaScript Page Designers can access events like startups, exists, & user’s mouse clicks.

JavaScript can outstretch the abilities of several web browsers. It doesn’t require much experience for JavaScript developers to receive direct responses from many different types of events, objects, and actions.HTML users can even make use of multimedia in response to particular events.

With official name as ECMAScript & official Standard as ECMA-262, JavaScript can be: Client Side JavaScript or Server Side JavaScript. Client side JavaScript is simply read by the browser & then the browser acts upon your instructions. While Server side JavaScript must be compiled into a byte- code file, generally with a .web extension. Cookies are huge with Server Side JavaScript.

There is a big difference between Java & JavaScript language in terms of both concept & design. In contrast to Java which is powerful & complex language, JavaScript is a well known scripting language on the WWW to work in all popular browsers like IE, Mozilla, Chrome, Opera & Safari.

JavaScript can be used for:

  • To Control a Page.
  • To Open & Close windows & frames
  • To access the history window programmatically.
  • To provide other browser features.
  • For providing feedback to the user
  • To generate new pages with variable information
  • For implementing user defined functions

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