Joomla CMS Development

Joomlais officially called a Content Management System or CMS. It manages the content required to make a website, elegant. Joomla open-source CMS released under General Public License (GNL) is free. Joomla application framework is grounded on PHP programming language & for the content MySQL is utilized. You can completely manage the content with the facility to edit the existing content & a provision to add fresh new content.

Joomla open source package with customizable framework is free for everyone. You can upload pictures & images from any place into your image library & get them included in your website. Also the dynamic sections can be hooked on for getting real time value & regular updates on your website especially suited for applications like polls, votes etc.

It allows you to create powerful add-ons and extensions. Bundled with useful features, it provides a lot of extensibility to allow sound integration of any number of complex applications. Joomla provides the functionality of debugging & testing and makes it possible to install a complicated website with zero difficulty.

The applications like Forums, Job Boards, Real Estate listings, Joomla Extension Development are developed using Joomla. An extension to Joomla will inherit the visible features of overall site. Joomla has a large number of modules & components.

Joomla’s modular structure is responsible for its broad range of elements & attached modules. Joomla components & Joomla modules can be downloaded free of cost or can be purchased at a cheap price under GPL & can be used in your website. Joomla’s decisive inbuilt capabilities allow you to maintain installed websites with ease.

Some key aspects of Joomla:

  • It supplements you with the basic features required to build a website.
  • Provides you with some tools to append the content & functionality.
  • It allows you to affix advertisements to your web pages with less effort.
  • You can easily modify & customize the look of a website & make it attractive & interactive.
  • It runs on Linux, Mac, Solaris, FreeBSD and AIX servers.

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Our Joomla Programmers use various techniques & trendy web based solutions raising your business to new heights.

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