Multi Trade Accounting Software Development

Multi Trade Accounting Software is our accepted software that provides you with first grade features like user-friendliness, ability to be used by both single & multiple users & much more. It is having more than 2000 installations & that too in higher than 200 diverse kinds of businesses. It brings about various custom requirements at the user degree.

This software provides abundant facets. The front end of software is a blending of Clipper, C, Assembly & plenty of supplementary libraries having pile of coding lines along with functional programming makeup. It is 16 bit software with SQL technology serving as a back-end to provide the software with high degree security. Our committed team of programmers frequently amends and works on this software.

Our totally customized Business Accounting Software is a paramount software that provides you a facile method to insert data into the computer, imparts resultant analysis in more than 500 varying report formats in the most rapidly operating environment & abides by all the practical aspects of the accurate working together.

Our integrated software alone can cornerstone plenty of businesses in total customized manner. About 40 professions have pre define customization such as:

1. Transport Industry 22. Refrigeration Works
2. Departmental Stores 23. Cloth Business – Adhat
3. Yarn Agency 24. Traveling Agency
4. Cloth Agency 25. Cloth Business –Trading
5. Yarn Trading 26. Co-operative Society
6. Text rising Fin/Prod. 27. Personal Files Management
7. Power loom 28. Automobile Industry
8. Dying House 29. Shoe Manufacturing
9. Garment manufacturing 30. Metal Molding/ Melting work
10. Retail Showroom 31. Inventory Control
11. Marble/Granite Works 32. Construction Works
12. Job work Accounting 33. Diamond Trading/Mfd.
13. Computer Trading/Mfd. 34. Jewellary Mfd./Trading
14. Restaurants & Clubs 35. Advertising Industries
15. Paper Agency 36. Finance Company
16. Hotel Management 37. Shroff Business
17. Bill Financing 38. Auto Finance
18. Coconuts/Nuts Trading 39. Manufacturer Unit
19. Tyre / Resoling 40. Medical Stores
20. Oil Chemical Distributor 41. Stationery Mart
21. Consumer Distributor 42. Stores Management
Our customized Software satisfies both the requirements of a single or of multiple users of LAN. A fully accentuated control center can assist any user with his respective needs, within a short span of time & can produce countless firms with diverse customization settings at the user terminal.

Remarkable Features:

  • Diversified Interfaces for business
  • More than 500 varying in-built reports.
  • Incorporated virus detectors.
  • Operating Environment without code.
  • Background Printing & general operations.
  • More than one level of password protection.
  • The approachability alternatives according to user & model.
  • Handling of abundant firms, accounts & groups.
  • Available Audit /Income tax submission report.
  • Built in Calc, calendar, Schedulers, reminder & hotkey dictionaries, Screen Savers etc.
  • Flexible menu alternatives, reporting & operating ambience.
  • Regulated logical dealing with runtime process & adjustments according to O.S.
  • Congenial to the networks over D.O.S, Novell Netware, Win NT, Win 2000.
  • Linking gateway to the software.
  • Mechanized generation of New Year & transfer of balances & masters from old to New Year.
  • Facility to discard obsolete account etc.
  • Comprehensive reporting using advanced search utilities, selections & drop-downs.
  • Mouse Interface equipped with amenities like Copy, paste, recycle bins & much more.
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