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Multimedia presentations are popular in diverse fields where presentation is required for different purposes. Multimedia includes utilization of multimedia authoring tools for making the presentation more effective and potential. The concept of multimedia is latent to enhance the communication, interaction, presentation almost in every field such as offline / online business, social networking and all such fields that need presentation.

The Medias are wide in range like audio-video, graphics, texts, images, etc.  Hidden Brains India is professional multimedia solution provider. Our professionals manage multimedia projects from the beginning to end and provide comprehensive multimedia solutions to offshore clients. Combining many forms of media together for creating powerful presentation is specialty of our professional graphic designers, media like graphics, sound, texts, images and charts can be added to make the powerful multimedia presentation.

Being a global solution providing multimedia company we are capable of creating multimedia presentations for many areas like mathematical and scientific research, entertainment and fine arts, engineering, creative industries and many more. The core and essential multimedia presentations we provide are:

  • CD-ROMS, DVD, iCards, and iTickets, which are part of CD and DVD Media Solutions
  • Flash based solutions (Flash Animation (2d Character Animation) work) utilizing various forms of flash such as Macromedia Flash, Macromedia Director, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, etc.
  • Various display solutions (Terminals, Kiosk / Touch Screens, Projectors, Plasma Screens and Tablet PC’s)
  • Games development

For perfect multimedia presentation design our graphic designers keeps the goal of making presentation in the mind that helps them to select the appropriate media forms. It is the technical and personal intelligence of multimedia designer, which decides most applicable media forms that can create attention of viewers potentially. A successful multimedia presentation reflects the capability of attracting viewers to read text.

In our professional process of creating multimedia presentation, our designers use to test the performance of the presentation on different computer platforms for checking its quality. The images and graphics can provide different effects on different computer platforms such as disrupted display. In this way Hidden Brains India provide comprehensive multimedia presentation solution, which ensures the power of professionally designed multimedia presentation.

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