Object Oriented Software Engineering

Earlier, programmers deliberated the task of writing the programming code or logic as the biggest challenge & perceived program as a logical procedure that accepts the input & generates the output. They attached less importance to the task of defining data.

Nevertheless, with the development of Object-Oriented Programming Language Model, more significance is attached to the data instead of the application logic.

Object-Oriented Language is systematized around the objects in contrast to the action. It is based on the perception of manipulating the objects used in a program, rather than the logic needed for manipulation of the objects. This programming language Model employs the specification of data type for the data structure as well as the types of actions or functions that are to be performed on the data structure.

Thus data structure can be considered as an object that incorporates data & functions. There can be an association between two or more objects, allowing one object to inherit the features of the other.

Objects can have a very comprehensive range. Object-Oriented Programming developers can develop modules that remain unaltered even with the incorporation of new types of objects. A new object created by a programmer can inherit various features of the prevailing objects.

A black box that receives & sends messages having code & data blended in to a unified unit is called Object. They are elementary run-time entities in Object-Oriented Paradigm. Analyzing the programming language problems require a consideration of the objects and nature of communication between them.

Object Oriented Software Programming Advantages

  • It eliminates the flaws associated with the Procedural Programming.
  • It signifies data as the most important elementary unit & doesn’t allow the free flowing of data.
  • Data is closely tied to the functions operating on it & any kind of alteration from any outside function is not permitted.
  • It provides you with re-usability of the code.
  • It follows Bottom-up approach rather than conventional Top-up approach
  • It hides data & doesn’t allow outside functions to access it.
  • It allows objects to exchange information using functions.
  • It allows the flexibility to add new data & functions easily as per requirement.

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