Outsourcing to India

After scrutinizing the various reasons for why outsource to India, some major factors come forward powerfully with great convincing power. Gathering views from intellectuals of various industries, we can easily conclude that India is talent rich.  India possesses the technological & non technological strength to leverage IT needs of various industries from different countries of the world.

Realizing the standards of quality and cost effectiveness, a large group of countries is outsourcing their IT work to India for the last many years. Collaborations, joint ventures, FDIs (Foreign direct investment), a large number of BPOs (Business process outsourcing)  are few sub-factors that can be added to explain India’s powerful position, which directly or indirectly supports the thought of outsourcing to India.

According to reliable sources of figures and facts, India exports software to 95 countries of the world. A large section of young generation is confident in associating and providing IT services to global corporations. High quality brain-power of software engineers, developers / programmers, designers is engaged in providing web development solutions to offshore companies.

Online magazines and various other reliable media confirm that US companies consider India as their first choice in software outsourcing. Convincing evidence of fruitful outsourcing to India can be supported with few world class IT intellectuals sayings, alliances and establishments of popular companies such as India is an IT superpower – Bill Gates, strategic alliances with Indian software companies like Wipro & Infosys to develop applications on the .Net platform, GE’s largest R&D center & GE Medical Systems in India for the last 10years.

Worldwide companies are outsourcing their work to India like web solution, web design, web development, website maintenance, ecommerce development; web hosting, B2B, B2C and C2B. Listing up few reasons of offshore outsourcing from companies of various nations to India are

  • Cost –effectiveness
  • Effective telecommunication infrastructure
  • Stable government support & easy legal proceeding
  • India is a hub of highly qualified and technically skilled English speaking computer professionals.
  • Computer engineers from highly professional universities and colleges are in abundant working in small, medium and large scale IT service providing companies.

Outsourcing firms get enough time to concentrate on their core business by shifting their non core business to offshore service providers. Outsourcing the non core business practices is very cost-effective and India is the most potential avenue for outsourcing. Outsourcing the web development practices to India is most popular and Hidden Brains India is a professional web development company that offers a wide range of web development and IT services to offshore clients.

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