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Amidst ongoing apprehension on security and data safeguard that have surfaced in the business procedure outsourcing space, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Ahmedabad have emerged as “no-risk” locations in some surveys. These are also better in terms of the cost needed to alleviate risks. In simple terms, a company sets a better chance to take the edge off risk in a cost-effective manner if it is located in these cities.

The globe is discovering the fact that India is a super power when it comes to developing IT solutions. Swept by the current and the latest trend of outsourcing to India, we find that with a large no of CMM Level 5 companies and outsourcing centers of fortune 500 companies like Microsoft, Oracle, Morgan Stanley, Wal-Mart, AT&T, General Motors, Sony, Swissair, United Airlines, Philips, IBM, Lucas India is a logical choice for outsourcing with the world’s largest pool of scientific and technical talent.

India is now a reputable IT Outsourcing Destination. The country, which has received the distinction of being the world’s most preferred software-outsourcing destination sketches its strengths from the following:

  • Established Offshore outsourcing Model
  • Reliable and most advanced source of software expertise
  • More than 5 million technical workers
  • Software Industry worth $9 Billion
  • Second Largest English speaking Community
  • Supportive Government Policy for IT and Communication Industry

Reasons for outsourcing to India

Caliber of the computer engineers
The main reason behind the glittering success of Indian IT market in the world is the unyielding and continuous force of computer engineers from highly professional universities and colleges.
Born intelligent Human resource
With the second largest population, India has easy availability of highly qualified and technically skilled English speaking computer professionals who plays key part in the field of Information technology
Convincing cost efficiency of IT outsourcing in India
Extensive gap between the personal cost in India and developed countries, India offers convincing economical benefits to the persons who want to exploit the advantage of offshore outsourcing.
Guaranteed International quality
With large no of the world’s CMM Level 5 companies and one of the world’s largest and best pool of scientific and technical talent, India can offer standard international quality.
Stable government support and easy legal proceeding
Indian government keeps stable policies, economy, taxation, telecom, industrial development for Information Technologies. The government provide evidence to be a grand support for software firms by further presenting all the basic facilities necessary for an outsourcing company to prosper Information Technology.
Effective telecommunication infrastructure
Excellent telecom network facility, ISP, and cellular networks are available all over the country. India delights in the steadfast satellite and submarine communication links that facilitate good band connectivity with the rest of the world. Thus companies engaged in IT outsourcing to India, can be in continuous touch with the vendors without any connection impediments.
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