Payroll Management System

Human capital management in the organizations is very significant. Realizing this fact Hidden Brains India has developed a perfect Payroll Software to ease the management and control over the human capital of an organization. It is a complete payroll management system that ensures the perfection in calculation and management.

We have developed comprehensive software package to simplify one of the most complex & time-consuming task of the employers. Our payroll management system provides relief to HR personals to handle all the recruitment process easily such as appointment, salary processing, etc. Manual HR process includes management of the pile of paper bundles and other complex procedures, which is time-consuming as well as costly for the management.

Our software developers / programmers have developed Payroll Software that can easily manage all the records easily in the economical manners and faster than legacy manual system.

Offer to eliminate time-consuming and error-prone legacy manual HR management system

Our automated payroll system saves the HR personal from various complex processes of employee recruitment in the company. It simplifies the complexity and saves money and time of the company. In the modern times changing HR policies, various MIS & statutory has made the HR process complex. The core features of our Payroll Management System are as follows:

  • Report preparation
  • Easy salary computation
  • Medical Reimbursements
  • Easy employee management
  • Statutory provisions & various Structures
  • Easy management of advances, loans & insurance
  • HR Data Management & TDS Management (e – TDS)
  • Feature to export & import data from other software

Hidden Brains India is the professional software development company having proven track record in the online business for the last many years. Payroll Software is its one of the unique products to serve offshore clients and to provide them easy environment for performing business activities professionally.

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