PHP and MySQL Web Development

PHP originally called Personal Home Page, began as a collection of Common Gateway Interface binaries & was written in the C programming language but was re-coined as a recursive initialism for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor.

These Personal Home Page Tools were used to replace a small set of Perl scripts for maintaining personal homepage.

PHP considered as the 3rd most powerful language after Java & C. PHP, prominently used as scripting language, was designed originally for web development, especially for the dynamic pages on web. It can be incorporated into HTML & can be deployed on most OS, Platforms & Web Servers.

It includes command line interface (CLI) ability; & can be used in standalone graphical applications. It is free software released under the PHP License.

PHP executes scripts on a server allowing web designers to develop dynamic content interacting with databases. It lends support to the usage of database servers like MySQL, Informix and Solid.

MySQL interacts with SQL (Structured Query Language), a tool for editing, accessing and processing data within a database & is a relational database management system (RDBMS). It can be run on UNIX, Windows & Mac OS. It’s fast reliable & flexible. MySQL can be used in embedded programming & web applications.

The PHP server-side scripting language and the MySQL database management system (DBMS) form an ideal combination. This pair can handle a lot of transaction loads & are available free.

Since PHP includes several features of C & Perl, it can work efficiently with MySQL to create easy to develop dynamic web pages that are easier to maintain & update time-to-time thereby enhancing popularity of your website.

Hidden Brains India has professionals with experience in web application development & Open Source technologies like Os Commerce, Joomla Customization, Mambo Customization, Drupal CM, X-Cart, PHPBB, Zen Cart Customization etc.

Our PHP programmers are handy in developing cutting-edge websites. We keep in mind 3 E factors: Efficient, Effective, and  Economical in providing PHP web programming solutions.

Our PHP MySQL Developers work for PHP web application development as well as PHP web application maintenance. Our PHP Programmers have hands on using PHP MySQL pair for developing superior dynamic database-driven web pages for all purpose web applications. Our PHP development team is committed to provide timely & satisfactory services.

We provide our PHP solutions within the given time slot, & are compatible with the vast majority of servers (Apache, IIS, etc). Our PHP Developers possess experience using PEAR and other open source libraries.

We have experience in working on several types of projects like providing solutions for Ecommerce, Real Estate, Store Management, Healthcare, Mobile, Logistics, Telecom, Mattresses, Solar Energy, Consumer Electronics, Photography, Cosmetic Banking, Utilities and various other industries.

We also outsource PHP programming services for dynamic websites running on the PHP, Apache and MySQL. We also provide PHP developers and MYSQL Developers for your offshore web application developments.

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