PHP Web Development

PHP is generally used as P in LAMP (Linux, Apache, and MySQL) Technology that has gained popularity on WWW. It is open source that can easily be embedded into HTML & serves as a server side scripting language, for building dynamic & interactive WebPages quickly & easily.

Efficient & attractive websites developed in PHP draw greater attention of visitors & are easily accessible. It has gained a lot of fame since it’s easy to understand & specifically developed for producing WebPages.

Its syntax is analogous to C, Java & Perl programming languages. It runs on several platforms & can support XML, LDAP, IMAP, Java etc. It can be extended through its powerful Application Programming Interfaces.

It can connect to other databases like Oracle, SQL Server etc to create different types of web applications, like online shopping carts, content management systems, e commerce applications etc.

In combination with MySql, php offers fastest and cheap web development solutions of developing dynamic web applications. It can be run on Apache server which runs on Windows, Linux, Solaris, and various other UNIX platforms. It gives you low execution, low maintenance & low troubleshooting costs.

With several open source applications and pre-packaged PHP modules, a large amount of application development time can be spared. PHP provides built-in support for many databases, with protractile architecture and a processor using fewer resources on the server.

Key Benefits of PHP:

  • PHP does not require any special browser or plug-ins.
  • It can embody any kind of server functionality.
  • It saves a lot of user time & makes proper use of system & resources.
  • It can be easily accessed & also can be connected easily.
  • It uses a modular system of extensions to team up with a many libraries.
  • With availability of many server interfaces, database interfaces and other modules it renders advanced programming and is easy to integrate with web pages.
  • Compared to ASP, PHP can be run on both UNIX & Windows.

Hidden Brains India offers a comprehensive range of PHP database programming solutions to its world-wide clients. Our PHP development team is expert in providing cutting-edge php development services. We plug into the best of our assets and with the assistance of our experienced php developers & designers, work for imparting outstanding results.

With their years of experience & expertise our PHP developers are developing superior dynamic database-driven web pages for all purpose web applications.

Our professionals have the experience in web application development & Open Source technologies like Os Commerce, Joomla Customization, Mambo Customization, Drupal CM, X-Cart, PHPBB, Zen Cart Customization etc.

We also provide offshore PHP programming services of developing interactive & dynamic websites running on the PHP, Apache and MySQL.

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