Open Source Project Planning Software

We had developed this software for the Government Concern, which is manufacturing Industrial Tools in collaboration with Germany. This is a very dynamic and good project which maintains overall whole system for any order of tool. When they got any order for tool they are making a PPC Sheet for each and every tools.

The working plan for manufacturing the particular tool in which they are mentioning all details about the raw material to be taken, processed to be done with estimated time, calculating the estimated delivery date as per the work load on the workstation with the total estimated hours and order cost with help of this system.

They can manage the whole process of the production status of the tool with this system and reports are too helpful to know about the each and every steps of the tools status as well as the financial results for the tool at given stage.

Software is compatible with all windows version i.e. Windows 9X, Windows 2X, ME, XP

Front End : Visual Basic

Back End : Access.

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