Ruby On Rails Development

Ruby on Rails uses MVC (Model-View-Controller) for organizing the programming of applications. ROR is equipped with several tools, which provide a platform that automatically constructs some of the views & models required for a general website.

It depends on Web Server for running & can be run using Lighttpd, Abyss, Apache, etc. It’s apportioned into packages: ActiveRecord, ActionPack, ActiveSupport & ActionMailer. Plugins can also be made to extend the subsisting packages.

Ruby on Rails requires the specification of atypical features of applications that leads to less code & less repetition. It allows the splitting of data from presentation. It incorporates a library called ActiveRecord that do the mapping of tables to classes & rows to objects. It also allows you to store the code that may be used later.

Debugging of applications become easier with detailed error logs. Arrays of libraries & also a library of AJAX functions assist the developer with coding & in generating the AJAX Code.

Ruby on Rails:

  • It’s an open source tool by which you can develop web applications at a greater speed.
  • Mac OS X is best-liked platform for Rails development.
  • Rails and its subsidiary web servers and databases blossom on the Mac OS X environment.
  • TextMate is a popular text editor used by many Rails developers.
  • It provides user-friendly solutions with rich functionality.
  • Only language used in ROR applications is Ruby, which is based on the concept of OOPs.
  • The naming conventions used are also simple to use & enable you to work easily with approx. zero-configuration.

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