Web Enabled/Client Server

Secure and fast data access provides power to modern online business. Employees, customers and suppliers to your business need reliable data as quickly as possible. Web Enabled Client-Server applications and n-tier architecture are meant to provide the needed data to different entities related to e-businesses of the modern times.

Hidden Brains India is professional Web Development Company active to develop a wide range of high-end client-server applications with user-friendly interfaces that are able to access data from anywhere and any time. Availability of useful data in the online business is very significant that ultimately helps business to grow faster and execute smoothly. Our expert application developers / programmers and designers are capable of understanding the significance of frequent data usage and its faster availability. They are enough experienced to provide Client Server Computing to meet specific requirements of our offshore clients.

In the costly online business environment every businessman seeks economical Client Server Application and this can be achieved by the optimum and intelligent utilization of the available resources. To provide economical Web Enabled Client-Server applications our experienced pool of application developers and designers utilizes the technologies, programming languages and methods optimally.

For instance, we use APIs (application program interfaces) & RPCs (Remote procedure call) and several programming languages. Our core programming languages in the development of a wide range of web enabled applications are ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, VB.NET, JAVA, and J2ME. Moreover, to reduce the over all cost in the web application development we use open source technologies to serve our offshore clientele.

We offer comprehensive Client-server systems to make the online business robust of our offshore clients. Server and client programming needs to be done by the experts, as it is complex to attain perfection for novice developers. While providing offshore services to clients for the last many years, Hidden Brains India has gained in-depth technical and non technical knowledge about Web Enabled Client-Server programming.

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