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In this on the go world of technology, Web Portal has become a conventionally used term. It is a Database/ Business based website rendering safe, impregnable online transactions & information on a comprehensive sphere of product & services to an online community. It offers a bundle of information, organized in the most convenient way for the user to acquire.

Web Portal design chiefly concentrates on developing online community & allows the users to register & utilize the services conventionally. A well designed portal, grounds the operations for the user of internet. A Web Portal Administrator provides new content, shared elements & facile availability of the tools required by user.

Theme based portals have become triumphant in developing desired users for the specific community. The Portal Administrator use several databases & web grounded systems to allow the users to get at once the required information.

Web Portal provides knowledge from manifold rudiments in a collective manner. Standard search engine services combined with services like e-mail, news, stock prices, information, databases, entertainment etc are provided by professional Web Portals.

They also furnish enterprises with a homogeneous look besides access control & procedures for abundant applications and databases. A personal web portal is a website offering tailor-made facilities to its visitors.

Key Benefits of Web Portal

  • Required items can be found without wasting much time.
  • A comprehensive range of data & information are provided as portal links along with many web derived search systems.
  • Less cost of framework & working due to reduced burden of administration, training & communication.
  • Ease to access information.

Web Portal Types

  • Horizontal Portals (encompassing many areas, used as platform to many firms in the same economic subdivision / same type of developers or distributors)
  • Vertical Portals (converged on a particular functional area & a specialized entrance for a particular market or industry area / subject area / interest also known as vortal).

Hidden Brains India possesses a diverse experience in Web Portal Designing & Web Portal Development. We develop different types of business, community, B2B & B2C web portals etc. We have our hands on developing Domain-specific portals, Regional web portals, Government web portals, corporate web portals, Hosted web portals, Sports portals etc.

We utilize technology & artistry to develop interactive, state-of-the-art & accomplished web portal solutions to satisfy our clients completely. Our Web Portal Developers provide you with portals backboned by the avant-garde & the outstanding Web Portal development technology having high security controls.

Our Web Portal Professionals develop Web Portal Solutions with easy navigation, vivid layouts & fast loading features. Our Web portal Experts render professional, affordable and timely Web Portal development services. Our first grade web portals have the superior e-commerce approaches entrenched in them.
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