Website Testing

Hidden Brains India is professional Website Development Company and provides website testing services to offshore clients ensuring the high quality and proper execution of the websites. Testing is very significant before introducing the website on the web and it needs well experienced QA professionals to perform all the testing activities without error.

In the website development process or website development life-cycle, testing process go parallel with each stage of website development. As soon as website development code is generate by the website developers, simultaneously QA professionals also generate testing code and run to find out the bugs. During the simultaneous testing process, QA professionals find any bugs than they prepare testing report of all bugs and send to website developers to solve the bugs to make the website code bug-free.

We offer comprehensive website testing services that ensure our offshore clients 100% satisfaction. Our professional testing team is the pool of experienced QA professionals that are capable of performing following types of testing processes or methods.

  • Black-box testing
  • White-box testing
  • Grey-box testing

Non-functional testing – it verifies the proper functionality of the software even after receiving invalid inputs

GUI Testing

Performance testing

Functionality testing

Load testing (test to ensure fast loading)

Compatibility testing (OS/BROWSERS)

Stability testing (test for continuous well functioning)

Usability testing (to ensure easy to use user interface)

Security testing (to check the potential of preventing confidential data)

Interface testing (interact b/w web server to app server and app server to data base server)
Internationalization and localization (to check the working of application after translation in new language)

Hidden Brains India performs professionally in the field of website testing such as our QA professionals utilize all the core and latest software testing techniques. We are expert in using latest website testing tools. We possess knowledge of website testing methods, all testing levels, testing process to provide high quality website testing services to our offshore clients.

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