What Can be Outsourced

The concept of offshore outsourcing the web development projects are meant for saving money & time and develop infrastructure. It is always been a worrying question for outsourcing companies that what can be outsourced or what cannot.

Extremely technical and complex web development jobs are not counted as ideal for outsourcing. It will be useless if cost benefit in explaining everything is consumed in high amount of communication as well as you will not get ROI (return on investment) on your outsourcing projects.

Ultimately, offshore service provider and outsourcing company both will suffer from heavy cost, unnecessary project delays and other commercial & non commercial hassles if the project is not ideal for outsourcing.

Another major factor is any assignment involving proprietary knowledge, which cannot be protected with agreements, is not appropriate and considered bad projects for offshore development. On the other hand, very small projects may also not be beneficial as they might take more time, which definitely have an effect on the cost advantage.

India is the world’s most preferred software-outsourcing destination. Hidden Brains India is professional Web Development Company situated in Ahmedabad (India’s western metropolitan city). Company has selected few Ideal jobs, which can be perfect for outsourcing.

  • Software Testing
  • Web Maintenance
  • E-commerce Projects
  • Database development
  • Web Application Development
  • Desktop Programs Development
  • Database Conversions (e.g. SQL 6.5 to SQL 2000)
  • Documentation, Producing of Windows Help Files
  • Application Conversions (e.g. VB 2.0 to VB.NET or VB 6.0)
  • Component development (e.g. ActiveX, OOP, OOD, Reports and Modules)
  • Integration of legacy or enterprise systems to client/server, Web Application, etc.
  • Porting projects to different platforms (porting from DOS, Windows 9X/NT/2000/XP, UNIX, etc.)

Company is serving offshore clientele for the last many years with professional team of web developers / programmers, designers and other professionals such as SEO experts, content writers and marketing professionals. Contact us for further technical and non technical details.

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