WordPress Plugin Development

The Advancement in the cyber technology has discovered several new means of exchanging thoughts; Blogging is special mode of exchanging ideas, views & beliefs. WordPress is blogging platform. It serves as a gangplank to link the bloggers to their www users.

Being open source platform it leverages the useful plugins by the Community that permits the bloggers to fulfill their imaginations. You can easily govern a site, fine tune or add new features, change the total working of your plug-ins etc. with the methods provided by WordPress.

WordPress Blogging System is the pie-in-the-sky system for bloggers especially who come from a Non-IT background. This system allows you to focus on your respective content & your readers. WordPress Open Source Blog Engine was released under GNU general public license.

It provides you to create great content for dynamic blogs with superlative facets. Though mainly used for blogging this system can also be used as a complete CMS without much labour.

WordPress Publishing is a good structured personal system developed using PHP/MYSQL pair that provides an easy use, good speed & focuses on web standards. It’s a broad community of open Source Developers. There are many plugins available for download, to make your blog interesting in order to receive more clicks.

WordPress publishing platform comes with a great set of features to make your experience as a publisher on the Internet as interesting and appealing as possible. WordPress Plugins are available from many sources. Official WordPress Plugins Repository is the WordPress Plugins official source, but not all the Plugins for WordPress are available in this repository.

WordPress Default Plugins: The plugins incorporated with the WordPress Core Distribution are:

Akismet: It verifies your comments against the Akismet web service to identify whether they look like spam or not. It accordingly deletes old spam after 15 days.

Hello Dolly: This plugin the world’s first official WordPress Plug-in.

Hidden Brains India develops WordPress custom plugin. We modify an existing WordPress plugin. We develop concrete plug-ins to conquer all facets of WordPress development. We use WordPress for selecting templates, developing dynamic web pages; Our WordPress Designers are expert in controlling the presentation of content by modifying the templates with Template Editor Tool & the Template Tags.

We use Template Tags to simplify the designing of content & the display of Information on your WordPress Weblog. Our Plugins customize and extend functionality of your WordPress applications.

We can create themes to skin your weblog. We develop plugins to provide required custom functionality & features so that you can tailor your site according to your needs. Our WordPress Professionals are well versed & experienced in WordPress Programming & WordPress Designing to develop plugins that maximize flexibility, minimize code & extend the WordPress functionality of your WordPress Solutions.

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