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X-Cart Development/Customization

The commencement of Internet has triggered the upping of E-Commerce by leaps & bounds. The concept of completing a time-consuming transaction by just a click of mouse sounds sensible!! & is the rationale behind the rapid & acceptable growth of E-Commerce. Shopping Cart software is a reliable tool trusted by bestselling businessmen globally.

There has been a multiplication in the strength of online businessmen daily & so also in the online transactions. Many open source technologies have contributed towards this development; one among them is X-Cart. X-Cart eCommerce solution is especially for the businesses wishing to get their online shop ready in little time.

X-Cart E-commerce Platform takes care of your online store productively & conveniently .It supplements with a broad administration domain & total e-commerce solution to handle all your X-Cart requirements. X-Cart Open Source template allows the user to modify its physical features & functionality as per the business requirements.

It has no limitations on the number of Products, but the code is optimized for better working with up to 20,000 products. Since it’s performance depends on the server configuration, with the help of special hardware & software it can be optimized for working with 50,000 products. There are various lovable features that make X-Cart shopping cart system one of the best in the world.

X-Cart features


  • X-Cart E-Commerce is a fully featured E-Commerce Solution that includes inventory Control, order management and reporting.
  • X-Cart web administration is strong.
  • Flexible Internal Framework.
  • It’s very Cheap in Cost
  • It is an Open Source
  • It provides an easy Customization
  • It is very strong ecommerce shopping cart platform
  • It uses smarty templates & is written using PHP/MySQL pair
  • It’s very Flexible & can be modified to play good role in online industry.

Hidden Brains India has a team of experienced X-Cart Programmers who provide stat-of-art X-cart Customized Solutions through their proper planning & approach of punctuality.

Our well versed X-cart experts provide X-cart customized solutions as per your business needs. We faultlessly design, customize & integrate our client’s requirements.

We have vast experience in X-Cart shopping cart design, X-Cart development, X-Cart integration, X-Cart customization and X-Cart module development. Our X-cart professionals are adept & have a good knowledge of online world. Our X-Cart developers can work under tremendous pressure to handle your challenging needs by providing outstanding solutions.

Our X-Cart Open Source Developers possess all the technical apprehension required in X-Cart designing, X-Cart Customized Applications & X-Cart Development. Our X-cart designer(s) are having the goods to develop refined X-cart open source applications.

Our X-cart development team is always ready to serve you through their sincere efforts & knowledge.

Contact Us to know more about our tailor-made X-Cart development solutions made by our X-Cart Open Source Experts having sound knowledge of X-cart Programming.

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