XUL Development

XUL is an astounding application framework that stands for XML User Interface Language, which is developed by Mozilla. It is a declarative language for developing opulent, cross-platform solutions that can be executed with or without making use of Internet.

It encompasses a profuse collection of User Interface gadgets that fire up your development techniques. It’s a cross-platform language that allows your application developed on one platform to run on another platform.

XUL-Based Blog Editor can improve your Web Development deftness allowing you to develop desktop apps with XUL. Recently released Firefox 3.0 supplements with XUL Runtime Environment that qualifies Firefox users to execute other XUL Applications. XUL Solutions can be customized with optional text, graphics & layouts.

It can be easily learned by web programmers having acquaintance of HTML or (&) DHTML.  It’s also well-known as ZOOL & is totally open source. To gain XUL Advantages, you require a basic knowledge of XML, JavaScript & CSS, since it’s developed with Web Technology roots.

XUL complicates the task of making out the distinction between desktop applications & internet browser apps since is fortified in both of them. Due to superlative XUL UI Abilities, its homogeneous implementation of the specifications on sustained platforms & its ability to access the shared libraries, some web applications have been migrated to it. XPCOM, which resembles technologies like CORBA/IDL & COM, accelerates a XUL Application’s Caliber.

XUL Benefits:

  • It provides you a rich set of UI components.
  • XPCOM/XPConnect enables integration of native code.
  • Separation of presentation from application logic provides flexibility to introduce changes.
  • XPInstall is easy for developers & users.
  • It allows you to diversify the desktop development, without any through knowledge of new technologies.
  • It provides you to develop desktop applications using your web development proficiency.
  • You get to use ample of User interface gizmos having conventional syntax.
  • You can blend the HTML code also, apart from most abundantly used JavaScript.
  • It’s grounded on established fundamentals.
  • It provides you with facile customization.
  • It fragments the application logic from presentation.
  • It provides you with Platform Portability.

Hidden Brains India empowers you with profuse cross-platform applications that can be easily ported to multiple platforms. We can integrate your required features into the browser & can provide you with web applications that can be easily migrated to desktop applications with elevated User Interface adequacies.

With our talented and highly Skilled XUL Developers, we develop outstanding applications exploring the features of XUL Programming Language efficiently & thereby rendering you with surpassing XUL Developed Applications. We develop Customized XUL Applications to meet your business requirements at an affordable cost & within the given frame of time.

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